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There are so many diva escorts in London

15 August 2016

There are so many diva escorts in London, its really hard to find one that is not but once you do then you are in for a very good time. A Diva escort is one that is a little big headed, one whom thinks a little too much of herself but to be quite honest these types of escorts are some of the best that you are ever going to hook up with. Why would I say that seeing a diva London escort is a good idea? Well these ladies put a lot of effort into making sure that not only do they look the part but also that you want to get back to them, it all becomes hard work when these escorts become bitchy, that’s when you don’t really want to see them, that’s when they really become bad news and hard work; you are not going to have that much fun!

Brunettet Diva escort Adelly

A great example of this and one that I think it only right that we take a look at is Adelly, an Eastern European escort who is based in Marble Arch – she used to be over in South Kensington but moved a short while ago, now Adelly is stunning, I can not describe just how beautiful this lady is and how great her body is – put it this way if you saw her in the street it would be quite easy for you to fall over your own feet. She gave great service, everyone left happy but the trouble was she knew it, with this she did play up a little bit, she was very picky about who she saw, she thought that it was ok to pup her rates, at one point she was charging £300 per hour for an incall but that when it went to shit for her. You see she has got to big for her boots and she went from being a escort who was a diva to an escort who was a bitch! People didn’t stop phoning up to complain, they were not liking what they were getting any more, she had pushed it a little too far and needed to bring it back in.

A Diva London Escort

This is when being a diva London escort becomes too much and when the girls and the agency stops earning; no one wants that. My advice to any escort especially in london like this is to make sure that you still put the effort in being a diva escort but to do it with a style and make sure that everybody still loves you because without this you are in trouble.