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30 November 2016

The Countdown to Christmas

The countdown to Christmas and Yule has started and we’re so excited this year for all the local festivities that are available around London this year and we’re pretty sure that our London escorts would love to join you in whatever you’re getting up to this year and I’m sure you’ll enjoy your festivities a lot more.

London Escorts For Christmas

This Christmas there are a lot of light up festivities you can visit in London and I’m sure that visiting these with your chosen London escort from Rachaels London Escorts you’re going love it even more as a date with one of our girls is always a fantastic occasion and can be quite the romantic one at winter as there is always something going on in the city, most of the time you can just turn a corner and bump into a festival or find something interesting going on in the street which can catch your attention.

Festivities and More!

Other great festivities to treat you and your London escort to can always be Ice skating, going for a romantic Christmas meal, listening to a few lives bands at the bars or even going for a few of the festivals that are one in December. These are always an exquisite treat for just about anyone and with Christmas approaching there are always a few places you can pick up some rare Christmas gifts in the capital city, as well as there being a few Christmas shows on during December also so that you can have the jolliest Christmas outing.

Gorgeous Girls Available 24/7

All in all the countdown will be one of great splendour and romance if you’re up for it as this year has a lot to offer and our London escorts are available all month and can’t wait for you to pick up that phone and take them out on an evening of pure seduction.