Tips On How To Last Longer With An Escort

28 June, 2024

It’s a pretty common situation - you’re in bed with a gorgeous London escort, and the sex, combined with her stunning body and beautiful face, is hurrying things along faster than you’d like… Way faster than you’d like.

If you’ve booked a couple of hours with one of our stunning world-class escorts, you want to make the most of every second - but if you finish too soon, you might feel like you’ve missed out. So how do you last longer when the sex is good and the girl turns you on so much? 

Well, don’t worry - here’s our guide to making sure you don’t finish too quickly and can make the most of every second hearing her moans, seeing her hands gripping the bed sheets as she wraps her legs around you… Too much?


Depending how long it takes you to recover, masturbate beforehand or the day before. This will help ensure you aren’t too worked up and can last longer. The longest sex of your life is never the one where it’s been a while, right?

Slow down

Sure, your instinct is telling you to pound away at high speed… But this is a guaranteed way to ensure you cum quickly. It’s best to start slowly and gradually increase the speed until you can’t hold on any longer. Delaying your orgasm is also likely to make it more powerful - in other words, better. 

Think about something else

It’s a tale as old as time… Distract yourself from the amazing sex by thinking about something that doesn’t turn you on (but not so repellent that it turns you off). A good place to start is by thinking about having a freezing cold shower, or your shopping list. 

Try desensitising lube

This lube has a mild anaesthetic which will make your penis less sensitive, slightly dulling the sensations. Make sure you use one that’s compatible with a condom and check in with your escort that she’s okay with it first as it might also have a numbing effect on her too. 

Try foreplay which isn’t focused on your genitals

If foreplay gets you too excited (and who can blame you?) request forms of foreplay that don’t focus solely on your sensitive zone. This could be a nuru massage where you’ll have a body-to-body massage from your escort, or focus on touching your escort by playing with her breasts or fingering her. Other things to try include an escort who specialises in stripping, or tie and tease

Try edging

This is a good one to try if you have more than an hour booked. Enjoy various forms of foreplay with your escort until you’re on the brink of an orgasm - then stop, slow down, and repeat the process. This could involve your escort touching you, kissing, giving oral, or whatever else turns you on. After the next period of calming down, have sex. You’ll orgasm quickly, but it’ll be very powerful and often edging - and being teased - is a lot of fun. 

Book a domination experience

If the idea of a gorgeous woman telling you what to do, and when to do it turns you on, book a domination escort. These mistresses will make sure that you don’t cum… Until they say you can. And if you do, they’ll make sure you’re punished… 

Request extra ball

If all else fails, ask for extra ball. This will incur an extra cost - but if you orgasm too quickly, it won’t matter, as you can simply try again. This does rely on you recovering fairly fast but it might also help you to relax and focus on enjoying yourself. 

These are all our tips! We hope you have an amazing - and long-lasting - time with your escort!