You have been a very naughty boy and want to spend an evening being taught a lesson from an escort who loves to dominate. What could be sexier than the type of woman who knows exactly what she likes and knows how to put you in your place. 

Why book a spanking escort 

Picture the scene, you have just spent a long day of work you are full of stress. You’re more than likely sick of other peoples mistakes and you’re sick of having to tell people what to do. When you get in, you face a wife who is going to expect love and affection from you despite operating on an empty tank. You need something in your life where you can fully let go of your inhibitions. You need to spend time with an escort who is going to assert her dominance on you with such vigour and ruthlessness that you can truly relax. 

What does spanking feel like 

There are many different sensations that you experience when being spanked, all of which give different sensations. The most common feeling that people look for when being spanked is the rush of cold blood that flows through your body. There is a reason that spanking is one of the most common fetishes in the world and that is the excitement of the pleasure/pain feeling. When mixing the two you enhance the feeling of both. The pain is different to other types of pain as it is anticipated pain. When you are waiting for the sharp sting of a whip on your bare skin but don’t know when it will come, the feeling of its arrival is a sweet relief. The quote which defined spanking best can be narrowed down to “It is like being dropped in an ice bath then wrapped in a warm towel, shocking at first but then soothing”.

Spanking is good for you 

Science has shown that there are genuine health benefits in spanking. Spanking is a subsection of the BDSM category of sub/dom culture. One of the biggest reasons spanking is good for body and the mind is the submission of control, which is actually a very good way of taking your mind off the stresses of everyday life. Spanking also is known to help with underlying mental health issues like PTSD as the lack of control helps release inhibitions. 

Book a Spaking escort with Rachaels now 

There is no better time than the present to book a beautiful spanking escort that knows how to put you in your place. We have the sexiest selection of spanking escorts that are all ready to meet and dominate you now! Get in contact by calling our listed number or our online booking form. 

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