This gallery is for those of you who like fake boobs, some may call them enhanced boobs and some may call them silicone boobs. Whatever your expression you use rest assured that here is where you will find them!

There’s been lots of debate over the years – and boy have we been doing this for some years, over which boobs are better, natural or enhanced, some men only want to see escorts with natural boobs but there is a growing number of you who only want to see girls with enhanced.

That’s the people we are aiming for in this gallery.

“Fake boobs – nah I call them better boobs”

That was a term from the TV series “The Only Way Is Essex” or “ TOWIE” and I have got to agree with it, the number of sexy young ladies in that show with enhanced boobs is unreal. This is not the 80s’ after all and the plastic surgeons really do know their stuff, so I wouldn’t worry too much about seeing a London escort with enhanced boobs because in reality I’m not too sure you would be able to tell if they were fake.

And why shouldn’t a lady try to better herself? There is nothing wrong with being an escort with enhanced boobs and very sexy tattoos 

It not just about size

That is where so many people go wrong you see, these London escorts don’t change their boobs just to be bigger – well some do, a lot of the escorts have enhanced boobs to change the shape of them or to even make them site different, you have got to remember that “more than a handful is a waste”

Here at Racheal’s London Escorts, we want our ladies to feel the best they can feel, this benefits you our clients, the better an escort feels in herself the better that she is going to make you feel! Its all about confidence and a confident lady is a pleasing lady – never forget that.

You have such a wide choice

It’s true, this enhanced boob gallery is stock piled with some of the hottest escorts in the whole of London, the girls here at our agency are getting better and better with each year that passes, more and more of the top escort girls want us to represent us – why? Well because of our brand and that’s something that our clients can also trust in. So trust in me when I say to you that any of our escorts with enhanced boobs will meet the standards that we have set and keep up

Where can you find these enhanced escorts in London?

Again, a simple question and a very simple answer; everywhere! Our choice of escorts is all over the Capital, all the main areas have a Rachael’s girl; Mayfair, Kensington, Knightsbridge, Bayswater, Paddington the list goes on and on. Our ladies have beautiful incall apartments, they are also happy to come and visit you were ever you may be, please check with the reception team if your area is covered by our escort agency.

What can we expect for these stunning escorts?

The same that you would from any other of our ladies, a great time that you will remember for a very long time after and one that you will want to repeat over and over again. You will be please to know these ladies cover a huge amount of likes and there are some that are more suited to escorts with enhanced or fake boobs – take for instance a TW and we all know how much COB is loved! You will be pleased to see that we have all manner of escorts in this gallery including young and mature 

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