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Glamour Model escorts London. Sleeping with a glamour model has got to be one the tick sheet of so many men, married or single it all goes out the window when a babe who once graced the cover of mags little Zoo and Nuts flashes her smile, and or boobs, at you while you are out drinking in a bar or club. But lets be honest here for a minute chaps, that glamour model who you have been wanking over since you were a boy is not really going to show you the time of day and if she did I very much doubt that most of you could keep up with the spending habits of such a high class lady. That my friends is where this article comes into play, this my friends is an article about glamour model London escorts basically we are going to be talking about glamour models who escort in London and how you can go about booking them.

This is the hard part and the part that you boys, and girls – I know that some of the ex glamour models who escort love the touch and feel of a lady, must get right! If you are going to book some time with a glamour model escort then expect to pay the price, lets be honest these girls make a small fortune doing what they do and there is not way that they are going to bed with anyone for less that what they are used to. You may have a big dick, you may want to send me loads of pictures of your hard cock in the morning – I love deleting these and then blocking you, try booking an escort girl in London after you have sent an agency, any agency a dick pic! If your phone call not getting answered? THese girls are here for the money and that is that, for cold hard cash they will show you the time of your life and believe me with a glamour model London escort that is what you are going to get, these girls are hot!

The glamour model escorts at Rachaels have some great outfits – fishnets, leather, PVC, school girls, teacher, secretary, flight attendant, nun the list goes on, they also have loads of toys – vibrators, dildos, butt plugs – some many of you men love to play with a butt plug up the arse, it makes you come so much more intense!

To book one of our glamour model escorts in London just pick up the phone and dial our number, you know you want to even if it means cutting the wifes house keeping this month!

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