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You’ve had a tough day at work, you’re stressed out and need something to help relax you before heading back home and dealing with all of the other stresses that home life brings. You deserve something that can help you forget all about the daily grind and put you in a truly relaxed state of mind. That sounds like your life, then we have the perfect solution for you: a booking with one of our beautiful Sensual massage escorts! 

What is a sensual massage? 

A sensual massage is a form of massage that encompasses the whole body to give full and complete service. The base of any sensual massage is first and foremost the massage itself. This is a combination of Thai and Swedish. The Thai part of the massage looks after the body, using techniques to help decompress the tightness you may have in your muscles from work and exercise, whereas the Swedish part of the massage is soft and delicate, slowly rubbing your body with a large amount of oil to help take you to a place of sheer bliss. 

The sensual part of the massage is what takes this experience to the next level. Look, it is no secret that the biggest burning desire when receiving an incredible massage is that most people want the massage to start becoming a bit more intimate. It is only human nature that as someone is rubbing you down that you wish to maybe be a bit more open about the situation with each other. With a Sensual massage escort from Rachaels, you never have to worry about that again. 

Our escorts know how to please and one of the sexiest things they include in the service is using the whole of their body to help with the massage. This normally starts with a naked body massage over yours, using her breasts, legs and every part of her body to slide up and down your stark naked body, teasing you and building up the sexual tension as you try to fight the urge to grab her and make love there and then. The beauty in a sensual massage is letting the masseuse take control and dictate what happens at all times. This submission of control leads to powerful and unforgettable orgasms when the escort finally decides that it is time to finish you off, however that may be

Body, mind and soul 

What are the pros of a sensual massage over a normal massage you may be asking yourself? The answer comes in the feeling when you leave the sensual massage escorts apartment. That feeling of zen, as the hairs on the back of your neck and on your arms, is still sticking up due to the feeling of utter peace. A Sensual massage is an intimate yet beneficial way of switching off. 
For many people who have not booked an escort before and are more interested in the massage, sensual massages are a great way to get the best of both worlds, without cheating on your partner or technically doing anything that could be deemed unfaithful. You are simply the recipient of a delicate massage from a beautiful woman who wants nothing more than to see you smile as you leave her company. 

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Rachael’s is the only escort agency in London that can proudly say that our sensual massage escorts are truly the vest in the city. If you want rough hands and ugly birds, look elsewhere. All of the sensual massage escorts at our agency have been trained to make sure that the service they offer is fir for the money that is charged for the service. If there is one thing that you do not have to worry about with our girls is getting good value for your money. Make sure you do not waste any more time and book a sensual massage escort with Rachaels today! All you have to do is call our agency on 0203 385 95225

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