DFK is an abbreviation for Deep French Kissing, a French kiss is when you slip you tongue into the mouth of your partner, a deep French kiss is when you really go to town and is filled with passion and desire.

This is the DFK escort gallery on our London escort agency and the place where you are going to find the girls that you so desire.

These ladies in this gallery are just a little naughtier than your standard escort, they are very nice ladies and put quite a bit of effort into making sure that you leave them with a very large smile on your face. The perfect choice of escort for those looking for an evening of romance and then some we are just pleased that here you have such a massive choice – you will find blondes and brunettes in this gallery.

Pushing the boat out when it comes to making your booking with the DFK London escort of your choice, yes available for incalls and outcalls, with prices ranging from £150 per hour (for an incall) to £750 for an hours incall, budgets and tastes are all catered for. Now these girls do love to be entertained, they also love to entertain and that where the passion really comes into it.

Getting a kiss from an incredibly beautiful woman is a massive turn on, getting a deep French kiss from that same woman is mind blowing, please do remember that every item listed under that escorts “likes” is discretionary and that they can’t be pushed into doing something that they do not wish to part take in.

What to do to make yourself more appealing to a DFK escort

This one is easy and its standard across the board to escorts and woman you meet in bars, clubs or anywhere. Make sure you are clean, that it’s that the secret to getting the best of any lady not just a DFK escort. Smell nice, a little bit of aftershave goes a very long way, a bit of soap and water really helps. Always have a shower, offering to have a shower before the escort asks you to have a shower is the way to go, it shows that you want to put the effort in and after all any type of date needs effort.

The next best thing to presenting yourself to a DFK escort in London is fresh breath! Brush your teeth! Have a mint! Chew some gum! Do whatever it takes, present yourself in a way that the lady wants you!

Sloppy and wet kisses

No woman likes it when you go overboard, there’s no need to try and eat the girl, she’s not going anywhere, you don’t need to swallow her to keep her there. Let’s keep it nice and neat, doesn’t matter if she is an escort or not this is good lifetime advice right here.

Our DFK gallery is just one of the choices that you have when looking for help in selecting the type of escort you wish to see, we have ladies from all over the world, we have busty or slim escorts, we have escorts that love alevel and we have ladies who wield a great strapon, it’s all about the spice of life here at Racheals and we will keep on giving for as long as we can.

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