Here at Racheals London Escorts Agency we taken immense pride in the fact that pioneered the use of “selfie videos” on our escort’s profiles, we did we push so hard for this? Because we wanted you all to see just how hot and sexy our amazing babes really are.

Escorts with videos on their profiles

As we enter 2021 the number of escorts who have videos on their profiles has grown 10-fold, from what started out as the odd girl here and there just a couple of years ago this category has grown into a major attraction for people when looking to make up their mind in picking which of our stunning London escorts to see.

Some of the girls have added very simple videos to their profiles, just a few seconds long, others have sent in 30 second clips, either way you will be pleased to see that these girls are extremely hot and waiting for you to make your booking.

Which escort to choose?

Well, that’s up to you really! We have such an enormous selection of London escorts with videos at our agency that you are spoiled by choice. If you are looking for a brunette with long legs and sexy tattoos or a blonde who is mega busty and enjoys strap on play the gallery is filled with choices for you – and of course so many of them have videos.

Listed in this gallery are the video escorts but if you venture back onto our main gallery for an even wider choice then you will see that in the right-hand corner of the escorts thumbnail you will see “video” that indicates that the lovely lady in question has a video on her profile.

Are the videos of the escorts current?

We encourage each of the escorts with videos to update their profiles on a regular basis, this is a lot easier than updating their professional photos and can be done in an evening. This enables you as clients to keep abreast of any changes with the ladies you are looking to see – rather than waiting for updated professional pictures.

Our escorts have moved forward from selfies – again we pushed this and was one of the first escort agencies in London to display them, making videos the new go to.

With videos our escorts have really moved on.

For those of you who have regularly booked time with escorts for these the days of heavily airbrushed photos are long gone, like so many other areas of the industry we are pleased with how this has happened. With the raise of sites like Instagram, Tiktok and YouTube the “younger” generation of escorts have moved on from this outdated way, they have seen how the popularity of these sites have made stars out of people and now want to jump on the bandwagon – if you are a beautiful woman with a great figure and lots of confidence why hide this behind a “carton” appearance of a heavily edited professional photo shoot.


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