Kings Road Escorts

If you know about the history of London then you must know about Kings Road and the Kings Road escorts, I am not talking about the boring stuff that they teach you in school type of history what I am talking about is the real stuff, the history that has an effect on our day to day lives, history which defined London as one of the most important cities in the world – not just finance and trade, but fashion, music and freedom!

What a great way to start a Kings Road escorts gallery, the most important part of the above is that’s true and that’s why its so important to have such great, sexy and open minded escorts in Kings Road.


Here at Rachaels London Escorts agency we value London and when you look back – the very first punk shop was opened by Vivinne Westwood here, Punk defined the 70s’ for London, its where it all started before it spread to America, if it wasn’t for Kings Road then no one would have ever heard of the Sex Pistols!!!

Before that, during the swinging 60s’, the MODS owned the street, each and every shop was dedicated to the smart young and beautiful, scouters lined the pavements, each of the many cafes were filled with people wearing parkas.

During the 1980s’ those who were truly trendy, so many yuppies tried and failed, would head hear – wouldn’t those yuppies have loves our Kings Road escorts?

Just look at the selection of the beautiful women below and you will see just how popular the area is, you don’t get that many beautiful women in a “uncool” area, there would just be no need for them.

Kings Road Escorts will always be popular

Even still today Kings Road is known for its shopping and high class Kings road escorts, Duke Of Your Square is a great place to give your credit cards a bashing, you can also enjoy a nice drink there afterwards, Peter Jones is just over the road. If you are looking to travel by tube to see one of our Kings Road escorts then Sloane Square or South Kensington have got to be the stations to head