The popularity of tattoos is on the increase with more and more people getting them and it’s with this in mind that we now welcome you to our London escorts with tattoos gallery filled with smoking hot babes that are either covered in tattoos or have one just here and there.

There are so many shapes and sizes of tattoos covered in this gallery and to be fair I am keen on full sleeves – what’s your favourite?

Sexy women with tattoos

There are so many sexy women in the public eye with tattoos and I do have my favourites, as well as our escorts with tattoos, Cami Li an ex-playboy model has some really cool body art and I am particular keen on the one that goes down the side of her body and across her bum!

Each and every member of the fire breathing group The Fire Girls has some sexy tattoos, let’s be fair all of them would be sexy without them as well because these girls are hot – pun intended!

Our sexy London escorts with Tattoos

As always, our escort agency has every base covered and the number of girls in the different areas of London is massive, meaning that no matter where you are you are not more than a stone’s throw from an escort with tattoos.

I do of course have my favourites when it comes to the body art these girls have got and Madeline is well up on the top of my list, she has sleeves, back and legs tattooed, the girl is so sexy and a right babe.

There are escorts with fewer tattoos as well – check out the likes of Shanel, who is an absolute stunner based in Earls Court.

A very famous Rachael with a tattoo.

Oh yes, I had to bring it up, mainly because I grow up wanting to be her and mainly because we have to keep our standards up at this escort agency.

The most famous Rachael (my names sake) is Rachael from Friends, Rachel Green played by Jenifer Aniston, got a very small and discrete tattoo just above her waist, it’s of a little red heart and her and Ross have a very passionate night based on the fact that this has turned Ross on. Well imagine what a sexy London escort tattoo could do to you if that done that to him?

How long have women been having tattoos

There’s a really simple answer to this question and its years and years and it’s just grown in popularity, the more women that have them the more women that want them. People are not holding back with what they spend having their tattoos done, here’s a list of the best London tattoo parlours, the amounts are just getting larger and larger, but we can’t blame them, once it’s there is there and the last thing you want is a terrible piece of body art being with you forever!!

Such our gallery and you will find the best tattooed escorts that London has, available for incalls and outcalls, day or night, local or to London Airports, there are so many different variants of ladies for you to see, it’s so nice to give you such a choice and we are proud of the fact that we can do this.

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