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Foot fetish and the many kinky forms of pleasure that come alongside it are practised worldwide among those who enjoy exploring their sexuality. For some, vanilla intimacy just isn’t enough to quench their desires. If you have a foot fetish, then there is no better place to browse for gorgeous escorts offering foot fetish services in London than right here at our agency!

While there are many of you who’ve had the opportunity to explore such fantasies, there are those of you who haven't had the opportunity to do so. And what better way than with professional London foot fetish escorts from an agency who’ve become an established brand across London?

You can book a beautiful foot fetish escort here at Rachael's, all you have to do is call our agency on 0203 859 5225 and we will be able to arrange your booking for you over the phone in no time. You can book an incredible foot fetish experience from just £150 for your first hour of incall and £200 for your first hour of outcall!

Enjoy Your Fetish However You Like

Here at Rachael’s, we enjoy offering anyone the opportunity to explore their hidden desires, and for many this includes foot fetish. As one of the most popular forms of fetish, the act of worshipping someone’s feet is something a number of our girls are happy to provide. Our foot fetish escorts in London offer a number of ways for people to explore their sexual interest, which includes anything from sexy shoes, tights, stockings, toe rings and anklets.

Of course, foot fetish isn’t for everyone, and it’s something we only recommend to those with a specific thirst for trying something different, but that’s guaranteed to yield pleasure like nothing you’ve tried before. As a professional agency, we are completely non-judgemental when it comes to what type of experience interests our clients. We take all requests seriously and keep everything discreet so that if you are looking to be more adventurous and widen your horizons, you can confidently do so with us.


Book The Kinkiest Foot Fetish Escorts London Has To Offer

Interested in booking? Browse through our full collection of mistresses in order to find the best person to share the experience with. You’ll be happy to know that many of our London foot fetish escorts enjoy their feet being licked, kissed, nibbled and rubbed to ensure clients are able to get the max out of their time. To finalise everything, simply give us a call and let us know who you’re interested in, as well as if you have any specific requests.


Beauty Ladies - Amazing Foot Fetish Escorts London

One of the biggest types of foot fetishes anted from our London escorts is that of wearing very high and sexy heels. So many of the ladies on this site have a vast collection of the sexiest high heels that you could ever want to see, they have all types from stilettos, to platforms, open and closed-toe – whatever takes your fancy.

Then there is the other type of foot fetish, this is the one that a lot of people really do want and the girls have to put loads of effort into making the experience perfect.

Barefoot or just sexy toes!

Now, this is a whole different league! The foot fetish London escorts have to put a lot of work into making sure that their feet are really looked after here, visits to the beauticians are always on the cards, pedicures are a must if they want to entice you.

So many men have so many different favourite types of nail varnish, there are those that love red, there are those that love black and there are those that love anything in between.

The London foot fetish escorts know that some men also love the look and, this is a big one, the feel of a beautiful ladies arch, a sexy arch on a foot can do all sorts to a man ( or woman) who is looking for such a thing.

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