What a way to spend an evening and you can do just that by simply picking up the phone and booking some time with anyone of the very beautiful ladies listed in this “69 London Escorts” gallery here at Rachael’s.

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Please remember that we only arrange your time and the lady’s companionship, anything else that happens is between two, three or four (the number could go on) consenting adults with very open minds!

What is a 69?

It’s a sexual position between two people, it’s when both preform oral on each other and from above the shape could look - not too sure it actually does, like a 69 written down! It’s a great term that describes something very sexy and very fun! Don’t miss your chance here.

Personally, I think it’s a very sexy move, just imagine.

"You’re laying back, getting some pleasure from a beautiful lady with her lovely wet mouth, you open your eyes, look up and there’s a juicy, wet, throbbing pussy just looking at you, ready for you to wrap your lips around her lips!!! Taste her while she’s tasting you, both come together?"

Now what is the chance of your actually meeting a lady in a bar, a club or anywhere else, a lady who loves to 69? As least here in this 69 escorts gallery, brought to you by our London agency, you know that the ladies like this, you know that its on the cards already and you know that your going to have pleasure at both ends.

What is also great about this 69 gallery is the fact that there are quite a lot of beautiful and available ladies listed her, it’s quite a popular choice.

From the lady’s point of view, it’s a fantastic way to give and receive pleasure and don’t worry gents they talk as much about your skills as you do theirs – all women do!

It’s good to give as well as receive!

Making your booking.

If one of these London escorts who likes 69 takes your eye, then it’s very simple to make your booking. You can either call, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram or email, one of the reception team will deal with your booking request in a very speedy manner and have you on your way to seventh heaven in no time at all!

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