Covent Garden Escorts

Covent Garden is a very important part of London history, so much interesting stuff has happened here over the years and people keep coming back.

I will tell you a little something about the Covent Garden escorts and I will tell you something about what the area has seen over the time, it’s very important to bear all this in mind when visiting the area.

History of Covent Garden

Long before Covent Garden become what it is that you see today it was a fruit and vegetable market, it was industrial, filled with working warehouses, cafes, pubs and everything that the men ( there wasn’t many women about in those days) would need to fulfil their lives – life was completely different back then, the market worked through the night and into the early hours of the morning – something that the Covent Garden escorts would know a great deal about, basically the fruit and veg for the whole of the South East was bought and sold here and that’s a pretty big deal.

During the 80s’ the area slumped, during the 90s it picked up but not as a market, as a tourist attraction and this was the start of what we see there today!

Today Covent Garden is filled with hassle and bassle, there are more restaurants and bars in a small area then anywhere else in London, there are stalls and shops selling bits and pieces and there is also the “Man in Pink Pants” – this is very if you know you know!

Covent Garden Escorts

So you are one of the people whom have chosen to visit and you want to book an escort in Covent Garden , I do have a little bit of bad news, there are hardly any incall escorts available in Covent Garden, I’m sorry to say that that’s true, you can of course have lady come to visit you at a hotel or your home, its all very easy to arrange or you could slip outside of Covent Garden and have one of the girls come to you! Covent Garden is very close to so many of the other areas and you can easily reach them by the great London Underground!

What would be my favourite hotel in Covent Garden?? I quite like the ME London, Strand WC2R 1HA, it really modern and clean cut just what I like, the rooms are great and it also has the added bonus of being home to STK and The Radio Rooftop Bar – both great places to have a drink and a bite to eat ( STK has a fully blown restaurant although I have never eaten there, we all know how much I love Novikov!)