How to Quickly Become Your Escort's Favourite Client

10 August, 2023

Have you ever wondered how to make a memorable impression on an escort, not by extravagance but through genuine respect, understanding and connection?

Whether you’re just getting ready for your first ever escort experience or you’ve already explored the depths of the escorts London is home to, let’s delve deeper and find out together how to become your escort's favourite client - one that she will be brightly bragging about serving.

In This Article (TL;DR)

If you’re in a rush or just looking to get the most important points made in this blog, we’ve summed it up for you in an easy-to-digest, bullet point format.

Treat every escort (and other person) with the exact same kindness, dignity and respect you expect them to treat you with.

  • Never pry about personal information or details.
  • Act professionally.
  • Communicate in a clear, concise and easy-to-understand way. Voice your wants, needs and concerns.
  • Set clear boundaries both physically and socially.
  • Always arrive and leave on time.
  • Always arrive clean, smelling and looking good.
  • Always ask for consent when interacting with your escort. NEVER perform an act that was not previously agreed upon, no matter how “well” you imagine it might go.

Respect: The Fundamental Foundation Of Every Healthy Relationship

It doesn’t matter if you’re just ordering a coffee at a local cafe or speaking with the escort of your choice, treating everyone with the same respect you expect to be treated is paramount to developing healthy relationships in any setting.

As you’d expect, this very much still applies to visiting an escort, but you may ask, how does it apply? By following these simple steps, you can ensure a positive interaction every time you speak with an escort.

  • Never pry for information about an escort’s private life. If you’re interested, a simple question is perfectly respectful, however, do not try to keep pushing for an answer if the escort has expressed her discomfort to do so.
  • Treat your escort with the same kindness and dignity you expect yourself to be treated. Simply put, always ask yourself: If somebody were to say this to me in the same way I would, would it bother me?
  • Act professionally. You are enlisting the services of a true professional, so make sure to treat her as such. Always remember that all of our escorts are professionals providing a service; they are not objects or products.
  • Never perform any acts that were not previously agreed upon. Consent is not optional, it is mandatory.

As always, navigating an adult and professional relationship can sometimes get tricky, especially when dealing with such sensitive subject material. To help with this, another thing you can do that escorts will always be grateful for is clear communication.

Communication: The Hallway Built on Respect’s Foundations

Communication plays a vital role in all of escorting. After all, without communication, you would not be able to request specific services that resonate with your deepest desires. If you’re gunning for the famed spot of your escort’s favourite client, one thing that is always appreciated by our girls is simple, clear and concise communication.  

It’s just as simple as it sounds. Make sure to clearly communicate your wants, needs and avoidances. This will not only be appreciated by the escort you’re seeing as it helps her provide a better service for you, it also helps you avoid situations where you feel uncomfortable.

Hygiene: The Fresh Coat of Paint That Brightens Every Interaction

Whether you’ve had this experience or not, getting intimate with somebody who simply doesn’t look after their bodies can be an extremely revolting, negative experience. While all of our escorts are professionals, they are still human. Just like you, they are escorting because they love providing company to men, such as yourself.

For this reason alone, you should absolutely take the same level of care of your body as you expect the escorts you visit to. After all, you wouldn’t want to see anybody who doesn’t smell as nice as you expect them to.


Safely navigating escorting goes a long way for both escorts and clients and is a crucial foundation to a better industry.
As always, the easiest way you can make sure that you remain respectful and develop a healthy and positive relationship with your escort is by simply treating them the exact way you wish to be treated.