Rachaels yearly update

17 March, 2021

It was decided that I’d write a weekly blog starting at Christmas....well now there are Easter Eggs on the shelves and time has whizzed by but better late than, never right? I’ve settled down, got my coffee and snacks at my side ready to get typing and now the bloody keyboard for my iPad won’t connect and it was nearly thrown out the window in fury. So now I’m touch typing the screen like a proper millennial.

And here we are folks. A year later. A whole year when we were in those dizzy times of imagining we’d have a few weeks off work, and we’ll be back to normal after this little ‘circuit break’. WOW. I love how cute and naive we were back then!

COVID really messed us up 

It soon became clear that this wasn’t a two-week lounge about, and you could say that our London Escort Agency literally ground to a halt overnight. From working on Racheals London Escorts 7 days a week and 13 hour days, it was the most weirdest feeling..... Closing our ‘doors’ feeling that this course of action was the best thing to do to keep our clients and girls safe. Yet petrified of what would become of us to realising there was not a thing we could do so just embrace the change of pace; go to bed at a normal time, not have the worry carrying 3 phones everywhere (the stress when you think you’ve left a phone somewhere and it’s in your bag all along causes heart failure believe me!) and just to have time to take a breath. A rare luxury after almost 10 years in the escorting business!

90% of our lovely London escorts flew home but kept in touch which was wonderful as I really missed our day-to-day exchanges. We don’t work in an office all together, obviously but I do have some amazing friendships with these stunning girls.... Some of whom I’ve never met ( Janey for instance), and I really missed them.


Violet is one of the lovely ladies who returned home

And of course, our lovely clients. Still checking in each week to make sure we were OK, were the girls OK and just genuinely interested and concerned for us all. It really meant a lot.

But moving on

Since then, I feel like we’ve just been bouncing along. Some weeks we’ve seen an incredible surge in bookings and then the bare minimum.... Never has a weekly TV update by Boris meant so much! I know we’re not the only ones. Our clients stretch all corners of society and occupation. I know so many of you travel into London so you’ve been working from home with no way or excuse to get into town, our overseas clients, mainly America and Eastern Asia also obviously stuck, many in the entertainment industry; hospitality, theatre, events, all stuck at home, the passers-by, the business ‘meetings’.... Even our local chaps....at home. Chefs, nurses, cabbies, engineers, therapists, recruiters, party boys, bankers, software developers, builders, footballers, trust fund babies, musicians, actors, property developers, estate agents, plumbers, personal trainers, cocktail waiters, doctors, scientists, dog walkers, mechanics.... Honestly....all trades, we see you!


Then we were out. again

We had a great Summer only for us all to be back in again...and this is what I mean about a bouncing. Up, down, left, right, a bit sideways (somewhat like our escorts) and all in between but since mid-April we have seen a definite increase in traffic to the website, calls to our phones and bookings being made. Many phone calls are tentative and just wanting information of how we work, I believe we’ll have a surge of new clients over the coming weeks, and I hope our long standing friends of Rachael’s get back soon.

So many of you have had the vaccine and to hear the joy and relief in your voice has been palpable and makes me very positive moving forward. Loads of our escorts are now trickling back and I’ve spoken to a few who are making plans on returning after Easter so keep your eyes peeled as if your favourite hasn’t yet returned, she could be on her way.

So, guys and gals, normality has started to settle in and soon we’ll be back like old times. We’ll be here waiting. Well rested and bushy tailed waiting for your return to our amazing London. She missed you.