Getting around London

09 March, 2021

If you are visiting one of our escorts for an incall then we want to make it as easy as possible for you to find their apartment or house, we have some many clients who live, work and know London very well but you would be surprised at the number who use our London escort agency for the very first time, so many in fact have never been to London and finding your way around this great city is a daunting task!

The easiest way to get around London.

Now this may seem silly, but I find that walking is the easiest way to navigate the streets of London, everything is so close together and you will find that you can cover a really short distance in no time at all.

   "Aylin and Rowan"

One walk that I particularly enjoy is from Alyin's beautiful apartment just around the corner from Gloucester Road to Rowans stunning flat just off of Kings Road, I normally head to Pelham Street (this is where South Kensington tube station is) stop off at Leon and grab myself a fish finger burger, it used to be a fishfinger wrap but alas they’ve stopped doing them! I always find myself buying a fresh smelling bunch of flowers from the stall outside the tube station. This walk takes less than 20 minutes and when the sun is out and Ive got my glasses on its so beautiful!

Don’t forget that Google maps is your friend, it tells you where to go and how long it will take!

The London underground.

The most popular London Under Ground lines

If you don’t fancy the walk and have a slight knowledge of London then using “the tube” is simple, all of our London escorts incalls are based within a ten-minute walk of the tube stations.

Don’t be scared of the underground, its simple and the tube map is really easy to understand once you take a look at it for five minutes. Its colour coded to make it stand out, it’s based on a grid system to make it easy to plan and you can download it on your phone. Sunnys incall apartment, for intance is oppostite Paddington tube station.

When you arrive in London the first thing that you should be, apart from call me to book you time with one of our escorts, is buy an Oyster Card, these cost £5 and you can top them up with credit at loads of locations. You “tap in” and “tap out” that’s your fee paid – again simple.

The London Underground is easy to use but also very quick, you can get from one side of London to the other in rush hour in no time at all but please be aware that at its busiest times it can get very busy.

Oyster card

"Oyster Card"

Using a taxi to get to see your London escort.

If you have no idea of London, it’s raining, you have uncomfortable shoes on or you just don’t fancy getting on a hot packed tube and arriving at your London escort clean and fresh then the best bet for you to navigate London with is a taxi.

There are a number of choices when it comes to picking a taxi in London, you have the good old fashion black cabs, you have Uber – I am to be fair Uber Lux type of girl and love pulling up in an S class Merc or 7 series BMW, there are also a great number of other private taxi firms – Addison Lee springs to mind.

With these all you have to do is tell your driver where you are going, sit back, relax and he will get you to your beautiful escorts incall apartment in no time at all.

I could start to tell you about buses or “Boris Bikes” but I really have no idea as I have never used them, I am really proud to say that I have never jumped on a bus, what's the difference between a London bus and the London underground? This sexy escort agency owner will never use one