The Lingerie Companies That Women Enjoy Buying From The Most

24 November, 2022

If you have spent any time looking at women’s lingerie online - perhaps you were buying a gift for a partner, or maybe you simply enjoy looking at what ladies are wearing lately - you will know that there are a lot of companies to choose from. Though a lot of them offer a wide range of high-quality lingerie, there are some brands that stand out as being especially popular amongst our escorts. Below, we have taken a look at some of the UK’s most popular lingerie companies.

Popular Lingerie Companies That Our Escorts Love!

●      Pour Moi - Whether a woman is feeling sexual or she’s enjoying being a ‘girl next door’, Pour Moi is sure to have lingerie that ticks every box. Pour Moi lingerie is wearable, comfortable and feminine, and it’s popular with all types of women.

●      Agent Provocateur - When it comes to luxury lingerie, most women head to Agent Provocateur. Every item at Agent Provocateur is beautiful, exquisitely made and guaranteed to have any woman looking their best in no time at all.

●      Love Honey - You might know Love Honey as an adult shop, selling sex toys and games, but it’s also wear you will find a lot of sexy lingerie. Love Honey is where women go when they want something extra special, such as crotchless panties or barely there bras.

●      Boux Avenue - Boux Avenue is home to fun and sexy lingerie, as well as sets that are perfect for everyday wear. A lot of women shop at Boux Avenue, knowing that the majority of what’s available is perfect for going from a work day to a sexy night.

●      Bluebella - At Bluebella, it’s all about being sexual and sensual, which is why it’s a company that’s popular with escorts. You won’t have to spend too long browsing the Bluebella range to see that the lingerie is perfect for tempting and teasing a partner.

Why Do Our Escorts Love Sexy Lingerie?

There are a lot of reasons as to why our escorts love sexy lingerie, and each of them probably has a different reason for choosing the pieces they have. Below, we have taken a look at some of the key reasons that our girls love showing off their gorgeous underwear.

●      It Boosts Confidence and Self Esteem - If you have ever put an outfit on and liked how you look, you will know how much it can boost your confidence and self esteem. The same can also be said for lingerie, which is why our London escorts always choose the sexiest options available to them. When an escort is entertaining a client, they need to feel at their best. The sexier they feel, the sexier the experience will be for you. It’s impossible to not feel sexy and attractive when you are wearing gorgeous lingerie, which is why you won’t catch our escorts wearing anything other than the best.

●      It Ensures They Look Their Best At All Times - When you are paying for an escort service, you expect the escort to look flawless. After all, being with an escort is a treat and a special occasion, and it’s a break from being with average women. Though a lot of this comes down to makeup and hair, and the expert bedroom skills escorts have, it’s important not to overlook lingerie. Our escorts love wearing sexy lingerie as it ensures that they are looking their best at all times, as that’s what you deserve.

●      It Impresses You and Turns You On - There are a number of reasons to book an escort, butone of them is because you are guaranteed a sexy and unforgettable experience. Our escorts know that clients love lingerie, and that is why they purposely choose outfits that impress you. You are sure to find our escorts attractive regardless of what they are wearing, but sexy lingerie guarantees that you are turned on like never before.

●      It’s Something Special, a Treat to Enjoy - Spending time with an escort is a treat, it’s a way to let loose and have fun with a gorgeous woman, which isn’t something that you get to do everyday. To make the experience as special and memorable as possible, our escorts wear sexy lingerie. They could keep it simple by wearing standard underwear, but they like to go above and beyond to ensure that your time with them is perfect from beginning to end.

●      It’s Comfortable, Whilst Still Being Flattering - Our stunning escorts work very hard, and it’s important that they are comfortable at all times. When they choose sexy lingerie, they know that they will be dressed in a way that’s comfortable, but also flattering. This means that you get to see an attractive woman in lingerie that’s sure to turn you on, and she can move around and tease you without being uncomfortable.

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