What Are The Most Popular Escort Nationalites In London?

27 May, 2024

We all have our favourites. It’s likely you have your own preferences - maybe you like a blonde Eastern-European beauty with a sexy accent, a homegrown English rose, or a sultry, sunkissed Latina. 

Here at Rachael’s, you can meet gorgeous escorts in London from across the globe - she could be British, Brazilian, Asian, Indian, Russian or ebony. These beautiful girls all want to meet discerning gentlemen like you, with your pleasure being our priority.

We have taken a look at which nationality attracts the most clients. Will there be any surprises?

1. Brazilian

This is definitely no surprise! These spectacular Brazilian girls appeal for so many reasons. Firstly, they have curves that go in and out in all the right places - and they’re proud of their large breasts and big bum, as they should be. What’s more attractive than confidence?

On top of their beautiful curves, these lovely Latina ladies have long locks of thick dark hair, perfect to wrap your hands up in, and large, captivating brown eyes to gaze into yours. They also have clear, sunkissed brown skin and often look younger than their age.

Latina girls are also known for their fiery, vibrant, engaging personalities - and their very open minds!  To meet a premium Brazilian escort at Rachael’s London, why not try Luisa or Arissa?

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2. British

It’s unsurprising that British girls are so popular - who doesn’t love homegrown talent? These English roses are known for their variety, as you can meet bombshell blondes, busty brunettes, or raunchy redheads.

These classy ladies are known for having a wilder side under their elegant exterior that are just waiting to be unlocked. With English as their first language, they’re sure to be on par with you. 

English women are also known for their confidence - and kinkiness. If you’re looking to meet an outgoing woman who has no qualms about taking the lead, you’ve come to the right place! For an elite British escort, you could meet the beautiful Fearne or the striking Robyn

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3. Indian

Coming in at number three are our enduring popular VIP Indian escorts. Exotic, high-class and intelligent, it’s easy to see why they’re so popular. A true enigma, these gorgeous ladies are truly special.

They are excellent conversationalists but also happy to do as they’re told, making them ideal companions to high-class events such as work functions and gala dinners.

You can meet Hindu, Gujarati and Punjabi. Whether you want an evening of passion or a companion on a business trip, our Indian girls are sure to have you craving their touch and begging for more.

If you’re looking for an open-minded girl with an adventurous nature, why not book an evening with beautiful Ananya?

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4. Asian

It’s no surprise that Asian women have made the top four. WIth their enigmatic dark eyes, pale skin, thick black hair, and slender physiques, these girls are simply beautiful and there’s no arguing with that!

Meet cute Japanese or Korean girls who are cultured, engaging and intelligent. You can enjoy an amazing evening getting to know these adorable girls, who are ideal for the GFE, or for a night of unforgettable intimacy, where you’ll know they’re having as much fun as you are.

Many men love to meet Asian girls for their cute good looks, exotic nature, and because of how unusual they are - as a result, our Asian escorts are in hot demand! For a stunning premium escort, why not meet Asian Playboy cover star, Angelina Grey, or the angelic Jennifer?

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5. Russian

Last but absolutely not least are our Russian women escorts. These beautiful Slavic women are known for their distinctive beauty - tall, with cheekbones to die for, and long blonde or brunette hair.

Outgoing yet mysterious, Russian girls are what many people think of when it comes to which country has the most stunning women. Their chiselled faces, captivating blue eyes, large lips and long hair really do set them apart.

Slavic girls are also known for being adventurous, honest and hard-working, making satisfying their clients their top priority. If you want a confident girl who speaks English in the hottest accent you’ve ever heard, there’s no doubt that one of our VIP Russian escorts could be right for you. You could spend the night with flawless Rosaline or busty blonde Adeila.

So there you have it - these are our top five nationalities, as decided by you! Maybe try one of each girl, to see if you have a new favourite. Whatever nationality, all our girls guarantee you whatever you’re dreaming of - for a hot dinner date, or a night of passion, all your needs can be met.

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