What goes into an escort agency

04 June, 2021

There’s loads of work that goes into running an escort agency, work that goes on behind the scenes that not many people know about, unless you are in the industry and have an idea of the day to days.

So, I thought that this blog would be a good place to share with you and perhaps give you a further insight into what our team does and remember that in our group is two escort agencies with another to be on the way soon!

What goes on with the website

The biggest part of my day and the most important, our website is our shop window for our escort agency, it’s no different to any online presents and the past year I do belive that more and more of you understand this.

So there’s the updating of each and every one of the  current girls profiles, are they away, have they changed their rates, new pictures, a new video, the order of the gallery, everything you look at on our escort agency website is put there by one of us.

Adding new girls takes so much time.

We write all our content ourselves and the girls’ profiles are no different after all who better to write them than the people who have meet them.

There is a lot of work in building an escort profile;

  • Add all the ladies’ statistics this includes rates and her body sizes.
  • Add her photos.
  • Write alt tags for photos along with meta descriptions – this is for our ranking in Google.
  • Write a description this has got to be about 300 words.
  • Add her to the different categorise and the relevant areas – you don’t want to find a Mayfair escort in the Kensington gallery!
  • Send out the emails to the girl to let her know her profile is live and the numbers she needs to check in with!

And that’s where the money comes in, if you are thinking about opening an escort agency especially if it’s in London be prepared for a massive investment and onward running costs because getting your website “up there” is far from an easy task.

We have worked with Adult Creative for 10 years now, seeing highs and lows and they are the guys who run our SEO programme and all things “tech” .

Even still we write a massive amount of content – your reading some now, control all our advertising and the updating of the site.

What happens if you don’t do that?

Well, you won’t have an escort agency, it’s that simple! No work no results company goes bust and that’s another agency gone.

The internet if full of escort agencies (I am only talking London because that’s the market I know) that people have put up released that they don’t have the money and shut up shop all in a few months- if you are the owner of such an escort agency website and wish to sell the domain then please do get in touch and perhaps we can help you.


The biggest spend for us is our SEO – Google is the most important referall tool in our arsenal, but we do of course have a number of adverts out there on so many directories. Do they bring you a lot of work? Nope but you need the link – that all goes back to our SEO

Running the diaries

That’s Rachael’s department and what she does, she now has to collate all the jobs from Claire, her and Danielle and make sure the diaries work, then there’s the commissions to be sent out, holidays to marked down and banking to be keep up to date, mornings work right there without even picking up the phone!

Then of course there’s the really great part of what we do, meeting all our lovely ladies, some of whom have become just like friends, these girls are amazing and that’s what helps us make sure you have an amazing time. Without ladies like Haifa, Alya, Rowan, RoseMary, Teagan we wouldn’t even have an escort agency let along 2 of the most well known in London!

Our clients too are great, Rachael has struck up “telephone friendships’ over the years with so many, you don’t know their faces, but they too are like old friends and its great to hear from them – you of course will know who you are!

Now you are all getting to know Danielle and Claire – Rachael is still of course on the phones most of the time and the lady you all love.

I will write more about our escort agencies, I have posted numerous blogs on Dior Escorts about every subject to do with escorting in London and will continue to build up the information on this site as long as you all still enjoy reading it!