What's The Difference Between PSE and GFE?

19 May, 2024

A question asked by many people is “What’s the difference between a girlfriend experience and a pornstar experience?” While GFE stands for ‘girlfriend experience’ and PSE stands for ‘pornstar experience’, the only similarity between these two things is the word ‘experience’...

But, according to our stats at Rachael’s London, the PSE is three times more popular than the GFE. So let’s take a deep dive into the differences between these two services. 

What’s the GFE?

Girlfriend experience escorts are very popular, even though they don’t necessarily include sex. The GFE focuses on companionship and creating a genuine emotional connection. Your escort - who will often be intelligent and educated as well as beautiful - will often meet you for dinner, or another date-like experience - and you’ll go on a date. This service often requires the escort to be highly skilled, as it can be hard to simulate the warm and fuzzy feelings you get when you’re near someone you’re crushing on.

Whereas arousal is a physiological response, the GFE focuses more on the emotional side of things. The GFE will take a genuine interest in you, and you’ll find her both attentive and easy to talk to. Escorts who are good at the GFE will be able to create a real emotional connection with you, often eliciting real feelings. You will feel all the things you’d feel with an actual girlfriend - loved, cared for, and listened to, without all the complications that come with real dating. The GFE is often very popular among men who struggle to find the time to date or who don’t want to form a long-term relationship.
Your GFE will know when to listen, when to talk, and when to flirt, eliciting physical contact such as arm-touching, hand-holding, and even kissing. Some GFEs also offer additional sexual services, but these will come at an extra cost and aren’t included. 

In summary, a GFE escort will treat you like her boyfriend. She’ll often be skilled enough to blend into any social situation easily, meaning these escorts can accompany you to high-class events where they can hold their own in a conversation without anyone knowing who they really are. 

What’s the PSE?

If you’ve watched porn, chances are you already know. Pornstar experience escorts focus only on sex. It is intended to simulate the kind of sex that is seen in porn videos - which, if you’ve had sex, you’ll know is often quite different than the standard sexual experiences.

The PSE tends to cost more often because it's more effort and more physically demanding. It’s also much more hardcore sex, so it requires an open-minded escort. We can’t say if the PSE is better than regular sex - but it will involve different positions and be more like what you’ve seen in videos.

Those who opt for a PSE want to replicate what they’ve seen in porn, and this also takes a skilled escort to ensure neither party gets hurt and that it’s enjoyable for both.

The PSE can vary wildly depending on what the client wants. But it can involve dirty talk, deep throat, CIM or COF, golden showers, anal sex, or playing with toys. It can also involve positions that aren’t standard, and will tend to involve lots of moaning. 

There is a misconception that with the PSE, you will not need to use a condom. This is incorrect - clients will still need to use protection to protect their escort and themselves from STIs. 

The sex will also be more enthusiastic and hardcore, like what’s seen in porn. It’s often something most men want to try at least once, especially if they haven’t had this kind of sex with a regular girlfriend.

In short, the PSE will be rough, naughty and passionate. You can personalise the experience depending on what you like - you don’t have to go for a CIF, anal, hair pulling and naughty outfits if you don’t want to.

At Rachael’s, you can actually sleep with real porn stars, such as Playboy model Angelina Grey. We recommend overnight bookings for PSE, and they also incur higher costs.

Which is better?

Neither, necessarily. It depends purely on what you’re interested in. The PSE can be intimidating if it’s your first time - it can be best to meet your escort first and of course, discuss boundaries and what you want.

The GFE, even when it comes to sex, is a more tender, compassionate and loving experience. But, if you want a triple X throwdown, the PSE is the one for you. It can be fun to let go of your inhibitions and live out a fantasy. 

How to book

If you’re interested in booking a PSE or GFE, you can use our streamlined online booking form. Check what services the escort you’re interested in offers first by viewing her profile. Then fill out the booking form and add the experience you would like in the special requirements section.