Why Do Men Prefer Mature Women?

24 April, 2024

Our preferences come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing - mature escorts, often nicknamed MILFs, are surging in popularity. As attitudes towards feminism shift, attitudes towards sex - including what’s hot and what’s not - have shifted too.

In 2021, the most popular search term in North America for porn was MILF. The same was true in Finland, where men searched for ‘granny’ and ‘mature’. MILF was the third most popular term in the UK, hot on the heels of ‘British’ and ‘Indian’, reports PORNMD. 

Older women are comfortable with who they are

It’s simple - confidence is attractive. Older women - age 40 plus - don’t have the insecurity that younger women have. At this point in their lives, they have likely settled into their career, have had children, and discovered the hairstyle and clothes that best suit them, and by now, they aren’t worried about impressing others.

In your twenties, things like relationships, establishing your career, and buying your own home are overwhelmingly important. Your frontal lobe isn’t done developing until you're 25, meaning most people of this age can be quite immature as well as insecure. Older women don’t have the same worries, which is not to say that they don’t have any worries - but at this point, they are more able to put things into perspective and focus on what’s important. 

They’re experienced

When someone doesn’t know what they’re doing, sex can be uncomfortable, awkward, and embarrassing. But let’s be honest, at 40, you’re not the first guy she’s ever seen naked. Nowhere near the first.

Older women are confident in taking the lead. First of all, they know what they’re doing. It’s likely they know a couple of ways to drive you wild that younger women haven’t discovered yet, or aren’t brave enough to try.

Also, they know what they like. It can be a massive turn-on to be told exactly what to do, and how to do it, and to see her really into it, knowing that you make her feel that good. It’s an entirely different kind of chemistry. 

They’re interesting company

The older you are, the more experiences you’ve had. These experiences tend to make for interesting stories, and the experience itself gives different perspectives. Her different outlook will bring life and energy into any conversation. 

You’ll enjoy listening to her hilarious stories, and you know she’ll give you the best advice. The two of you will be able to debate on subjects you disagree on, and you’ll likely learn a thing or two. A woman who knows her own mind is attractive too. 

A rich life experience is not something that can be learned or acquired - it simply comes with time. 

They don’t want drama

 Older women tend to be more direct - they know what they want and what they don’t. You know where you stand with her. She hasn’t got time for petty arguments and playing games. Most likely she got that out of her way in her twenties. 

You won’t need to hear about the argument she got into with her friends, or how the fight she had with her coworker. She understands how to treat people and how to get on with others. She’s emotionally mature. 

Often, younger women don’t know yet exactly what they want out of life, sex and relationships. They still have to figure this out, and don’t yet know how to ask for it. Mature women aren’t afraid to make what they want, and their expectations for you are clear. 

With her, you’ll gain an understanding of what’s truly important in life - and what’s not worth worrying about. 

There’s no rush to settle down

It’s likely she’s done the whole marriage-and-kids thing. Sure, her children should still come first. But now that she’s single, she wants to make sure the next relationship she has is viable - so she’s in no hurry for you to move in or to upgrade to fiancee status. 

She might not even be looking for a relationship. She may be exploring her sexuality and is looking for a younger man (or even woman) to reignite her sex life. It’s the ideal arrangement if you both want fun, hot, no-strings sex.

They’re busy

Older women tend to have a lot going on. They likely see their friends and family often, and have hobbies or sport pursuits. They won’t rely on you for company.

This leaves you free to explore your own interests, ensuring you’ll have plenty to talk about when you next see each other. Time apart will also give you the chance to miss each other. 

She’s stable

At this point, she likely has her own money, home, and career. She doesn’t need you to provide for her. She may even provide for you.

She’s likely to want to help you secure these things for yourself. It’s also hot to see someone who has things figured out. You don’t need to navigate saving for a house together, applying for a mortgage, and all the scrimping and saving younger couples have to do as they plan for marriage and babies.

She is the rock you’ve always wanted, and she’ll motivate you. She won’t tolerate laziness or you not pulling your weight if you live together. You’ll become a better person and a better partner. 

She has taste

Unlike younger women, her idea of fun isn’t going out to get the club, getting smashed and eventually throwing up on you, or her shoes. She’d much rather you take her out to dinner at a nice restaurant, share some wine and have meaningful conversations. 

If listening to some music and sharing a tapas board sounds good to you, then consider pursuing a relationship with someone more mature. 

The bottom line

An older woman is fun, sexy, and not immature. She won’t sweat the small stuff. In fact, she’s likely to make you a better version of yourself. You’ll have fun together and you’ll grow as a person.

Also… The sex will blow your mind.