Most viewed pages 2022

31 December, 2022

What a year it’s been here at our escort agency, so much has happened, and we are extremely proud of the growth that we have archived.

The number of visitors that we get to the site has seen a massive increase and has given us insight into the pages that you guys want to look at the most.

We can also see which of our lovely escorts draw your attention the most – there are some huge shocks there!

So, this blog is going to be about the most viewed pages on our site, both informative pages (locations and types) and profiles – the choice of escorts available at Rachael’s is huge!

We use Google Analytics to pull off this information and also to gauge which pages need the most improvement, there is a lot of work in ensure that this website is still the best for you to use and the best agency to book your time with the top escorts in the Capital.

Let’s start with the main pages.

Video – This has turned into a standard requirement for the busiest of the escorts, to really excel a lady needs to have a good video on her profile page, it’s one of the thing clients expect now!

Alevel – naughty has always been popular, and somethings just don’t change! Fancy a bit of alevel? We don’t blame you!

Mature – “the older the fruit the sweeter the taste” and it’s so true. People are looking for ladies with experience, to hold their hand, to guide them and this is the page that they had to for it.

High Class – for a select few the ladies in this gallery are the best and once you’ve had the best it’s very hard to go back on. This gallery contains the most elite escorts in the whole of London and people just can’t help looking.

Duo – two ladies at once! You’re just not going to get this at home! And that’s why the duo escorts gallery is one of the most viewed pages on our escort agency website.

Selfies – Just a year ago the selfie page was the most viewed page on the website, this just shows how things evolve and that people are looking for more, that’s the reason the video page is visited the most.

Busty – Big boobs are great, it’s the reason that the large breasted ladies are so busy Rachaels doesn’t rank on page one for the team “busty London escorts” and this page is still here, shows just how many people are looking! A very important page on the site.

Rim – Again a naughty little bit of the play time, something that so many people just don’t get and what they are looking for, some of the naughtiest escorts are listed here and people can’t stop heading over!

Then of course you have the pages “where the magic happens”! The profiles of the very best escorts that London has to offer.

Elizabeth – This lady always needs a mention and as the most viewed profile at the agency during 2022 we can see that all you ladies and gents agree! Elizabeth puts massive effort into her profile and the rewards are well worth it.

Rowan – the owner of the best figure at the agency! The reception team don’t stop recommending this sexy brunette, perhaps that’s one of the reasons why she is the 2nd most viewed profile?

Glory – Have you seen the number of reviews on Glory’s profile? The writers of those should have been enough alone to push this page well to the top of the list.

Beauty – a brunette who is very busty, has posted sexy selfies and a video you could spend all night wanking over (ladies and gents) you would expect this to be in the top 5 most viewed!

Melia – Has loads of videos and selfies on her profile page, she also has a number of regulars always rebooking her plusher thumbnail on the main gallery is a very sexy picture! No wonder that she has made the list!

Then there is our blog, which gets a lot of traffic in its own right – after all you are reading this post!

We are going to leave that to a separate post when we detail which of our posts you have liked the most!